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Larry Klayman: “Michelle Obama’s Stripping Picture Proves She’s In A Lower Class Than Melania”

In a video posted on Wednesday, ultraconservative attorney Larry Klayman accused Barack Obama of trying to “undermine the Trump presidency” by going to Italy at the same time President Trump makes his first visit abroad. Klayman claimed that the former president is “running an evil [shadow] government” and “trying to upstage” Trump and criticized Michelle […]


Coulter: “Media Faking Trump’s Media War To Justify Calling Me ‘Media Whore’”

Economist Robert Reich suggested to Ann Coulter on Sunday that the fight to defend free speech was not limited to her campaign against the college campuses which have banned her citing security reasons. During a discussion on ABC’s This Week about Coulter’s battle with University of California, Berkeley, host Jonathan Karl wondered whether President Donald […]


Alex Jones Asks The Press To Be “Respectful And Responsible” During His Custody Battle “Like I Always Was With Obama And His Daughters”

In a statement issued on Friday, conspiracy website founder Alex Jones has requested that the press treat his ongoing child custody battle with his ex-wife in a “respectful and responsible” manner. After a full week of testimony, Jones claimed the battle with his ex-wife Kelly for custody of their three children is a “private matter.” […]