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Palin: “My Appearance Proves I’m Ready To Replace Yellen Under Trump”

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Former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin was a contestant on ABC’s Match Game Monday night and drew a positive reaction from the show’s left-leaning host for her answer to one of his questions about Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton just opened a new magic show on the Las Vegas strip. For her final trick, she makes […]


Stephen Bannon: “Nobody Can Blame You For Beating Your Wife If It’s Out Of Love”

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The recently installed CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was accused of domestic violence against his second wife, who later said he threatened to leave her penniless unless she failed to testify against him. According to Politico, Breitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon was charged with battery, dissuading a witness, and misdemeanor domestic violence in connection […]


Pat Robertson: “Melania’s Nude Pics Are Pure Art That Shows The Beauty Of God’s Work”

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Most Trump supporters struggled to justify or explain Melania Trump’s blatant plagiarization of a Michelle Obama speech from 2008, but evangelical rambler Pat Robertson found a pretty easy way to distract from all of that. Instead of talking about the bubbling lifted-word scandal, Robertson talked at length about Melania’s “poise” and “beauty.” Robertson referred to […]


Trump: “Roger Ailes Really Helped Those Women, So They Needed To Give Him A Hand”

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In transcripts released ahead of his Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stood by former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who stepped down on Thursday amid allegations of sexual harassment. Meet the Press host Chuck Dodd asked Trump about the allegations against Ailes, and the candidate replied, “Well, I […]


O’Reilly Says Carlson Is Lying: “Roger Never Made A Sex Move On Me”


Fox News employees have been lining up left and right – mostly right – to defend their boss Roger Ailes against the sexual harassment lawsuit put forward by now-former host Gretchen Carlson. Wednesday night, it was Fox News MVP Bill O’Reilly’s turn. Asked by Late Night host Seth Myers what he makes of the allegations […]